Czech Lion Awards / 2014 / Awards statutes
Czech Film and Television Awards 2014

February 21st, 2015
Rudolfinum, Praha
The CFTA annual awards are awarded for creative and artistic achievements related to Czech feature films which were premiered between 1st January and 31st December of the relevant calendar year.
1. A film is considered Czech if at least 20% of its cost was financed by a Czech producer and has a Czech creative representative in at least one of the following categories: director, screenplay, best actor or actress in a leading role.
2. A film is eligible if it is a feature film, a documentary feature or an animated film of at least 60-minute running time. 
3. A film is eligible if it was officially distributed in commercial cinemas in the Czech Republic and it was screened for at least seven successive days or for two weeks with interruptions in one cinema, or at least in 28 different commercial cinemas. 
4. The day of the premiere is considered to be the day when the film was officially distributed in commercial cinemas in the Czech Republic and the date is officially registered by the Union of Film Distributors (UFD). The premiere of a film has to be announced to the UFD before 30th November of the relevant calendar year. 
5. The films are included in the voting based on the data provided by the producers of the film, or alternatively based on the publicly accessible data. 
6. In case of any controversies, the Board of CFTA takes a vote and decides if a film can be included in the voting. 
1. The annual CFTA awards are awarded for the best performances in the following categories:
1) Best film
2) Best director
3) Best screenplay
4) Best cinematography
5) Best music
6) Best film editing
7) Best sound 
8) Best stage design
9) Best costume design
10) Best makeup and hairstyling 
11) Best actress in a leading role
12) Best actor in a leading role
13) Best actress in a supporting role
14) Best actor in a supporting role
15) Best documentary feature
16) Honorary award for unique contribution to Czech film
2. The documentary features are evaluated in the following categories only: best documentary feature, best director, best cinematography, best music, best editing and best sound.
3. If in any of the categories less than six films fulfil the conditions, the Board of CFTA can decide that this category will not be awarded.
4. The CFTA can award a prize for an audiovisual achievement of the year, which is an award for an important project or a person in the area of audiovisual art.
1. Only members of the citizens association “Filmová akademie, z.s.” can vote about the CFTA annual awards.
2. The voting about the CFTA annual awards is two-round and not public. The honorary award for unique contribution to Czech film and the prize for an audiovisual achievement of the year are exceptions and the Board of CFTA decides about those awards. 
3. The Board of CFTA can specify the members of CFTA who can vote in the first round for the following categories: best editing, best sound, best stage design, best costume design and best makeup and hairstyling, or the Board of CFTA can constitute committees of experts for voting in the first round in the above mentioned categories.
4. The voters can vote by printed ballot papers or electronically. The filled-in ballots or the protocols of the electronic voting will be counted by persons authorised by the Board of CFTA and the results will be certified by a notary.
5. In the first round the voters choose five best candidates from the list of candidates in each category and determine the placing from the first to the fifth place. 
6. If the voters award the first place in the first round, then they have to decide the placing at the second, third, fourth and fifth place as well. If they decide to award only the second place than they also have to decide the placing at the third, fourth and fifth place etc. 
7. Those candidates that obtained the most points proceed to the second round. In case a candidate obtains enough points in one category for his performance in different films, he will be nominated for the second round for each performance separately. 
8. In the second round the voters have to decide the placing of all the five nominations or they cannot vote in that category. 
9. If the numbers of points are equal in one of the categories, the number of the first placings is determinative. In case the numbers of first placings are equal, the number of votes from the voting members of the Board of CFTA is determinative.
10. A voter who is on the list of candidates in a category cannot vote for himself in this category. 
11. A voter who is the producer of a film competing in the category of Best film or Best documentary feature cannot vote in the relevant category for the film which he produced. 
12. The details of all the voting are confidential and can be made public based on the decision of the Board of CFTA only. 
1. The producer of the film decides which acting performances will be evaluated in the categories of leading roles and in the categories of supporting roles. The Board of CFTA reserves the right to change the placement in the categories.
2. If the producer of the film does not decide about the placement in the categories of leading and supporting roles, the categories will be evaluated concurrently. In case the acting performance obtained points in both categories, only those in the category where it got at a better placing will be recognized. 
3. If in any category a creative team cooperates, the producer of the film will choose maximum of three representatives. If he does not do so, the Board of CFTA will choose those representatives.
1. The CFTA can award non-statutory awards that are listed in the attachment of these statutes and have to be approved by the Board of CFTA.


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