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28th Czech Lion Awards - Nominations

Monday, 18th January, 2021

Today the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA) announced the nominations for the 28th annual awards of the Czech Lion. Altogether 190 academics voted about 87 feature films, documentary features, animated and short films as well as television works of art that had fulfilled the statutes of the Czech Lion Awards. The most nominations and also almost the same amounts of them have gone to the films Shadow Country, Havel and Charlatan. From this year on, further categories have been opened to television projects and thanks to that for example the miniseries Actor has obtained 7 nominations. For the first time the CFTA also introduced the categories for animated and short films and here most of the nominations have gone to the young generation of filmmakers who are still studying. Altogether 27 titles will fight for the Czech Lion awards in 19 statutory categories in the final round of voting.

The ceremonial gala evening, where the winner in each category will be announced, will be broadcast live on CT1 channel from Rudolfinum in Prague on 6th March. The host of the gala will be Václav Kopta just like last year.

The voting about the nominations in all the categories of the 28th annual Czech Lion awards took place from 1st December 2020 to 10th January 2021. The academics were evaluating 21 full-length feature films, 7 animated and 18 short films, and also 14 documentary features pre-selected by the committee consisting of the academy members and 10 television works of art.

Among the film productions of last year the most engaging for the academics was the film drama by Bohdan Sláma called Shadow Country and it has got 15 nominations. It is a chronicle of a small village on the frontier draggled through the history of the 30s, 40s and 50s of the last century. The same amount of 14 nominations has gone to the film Havel inspired by the life of Václav Havel and directed by Slávek Horák and the tale of the fate of the healer Jan Mikolášek called Charlatan and directed by Agnieszka Holland. Successful was also the television miniseries called Actor directed by Peter Bebjak and the film Droneman by Petr Zelenka as they both have got 7 nominations from the academics.

In the category of the best feature film in the year of 2020 there are the following nominated films: Havel (produced by Slávek Horák), Shadow Country (produced by Martin Růžička and Jindřich Motýl), Droneman (produced by Petr Zelenka and Martin Sehnal), Charlatan (produced by Šárka Cimbalová and Kevan Van Thompson) and Cook, F++k, Kill (produced by Viktor Schwarcz and Mira Fornay). The statuette of the Czech Lion for the best documentary feature can go to one of the following films: Alchemical Furnace (directed by Jan Daňhel and Adam Oľha, produced by Pavla Kallistová, Zuzana Mistríková, Ľubica Orechovská, Jan Švankmajer, Jaromír Kallista), Hoisted with his Own Petard – Rudolf Slánský (directed by Martin Vadas, produced by Alena Müllerová), My Father Antonin Kratochvil (directed by Andrea Sedláčková, produced by Martin Hůlovec), Two Roads (directed by Radovan Síbrt, produced by Alžběta Karásková and Karel Poupě), Caught in the Net (directed by Barbora Chalupová, Vít Klusák, produced by Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda).

At the today’s conference the CFTA announced the winners of the non-statutory Czech Lion awards. The award for the best film poster went to the hands of Jan Poukar for the graphic design for the film Shadow Country. The award of film fans, which the CFTA awards in cooperation with CSFD.cz, was presented to the film Caught in the Net directed by Barbora Chalupová and Vít Klusák.

The statuette of the Czech Lion for the best actress in the leading role can be awarded to: Jana Plodková for the film Sweethearts, Anna Geislerová for her role in the film Havel, Jenovéfa Boková for her performance in the miniseries Actor, Magdaléna Borová for her role in the film Shadow Country and Tereza Těžká for the documentary feature Caught in the Net. In the category of the best actress in the supporting role the academics were most interested in the performances of: Barbora Seidlová in the film Havel, Elizaveta Maximová in the miniseries Actor, Barbora Poláková and Petra Špalková in the film Shadow Country and Jaroslava Pokorná in the film Charlatan.

The following actors were nominated for the second round in the category of the best actor in the leading role: Viktor Dvořák for the leading role in the film Havel, Jan Cina for the miniseries Actor, Csongor Kassai for the film Shadow Country, Kryštof Hádek for the film Droneman and Ivan Trojan for the film Charlatan. The nominations for the best actor in the supporting role in 2020 were obtained by: Martin Hofmann for the film Havel, Stanislav Majer for the film Shadow Country, Jiří Mádl for the movie Droneman and Juraj Loj and Josef Trojan for their roles in the film Charlatan.

The Czech Lion for the best director could be presented to: Slávek Horák for the film Havel, Bohdan Sláma for Shadow Country, Petr Zelenka for the film Droneman, Agnieszka Holland for Charlatan and Mira Fornay for directing the film Cook, F++k, Kill.

Today the nominations in the categories of the best television film or miniseries were also announced. This year the statuette of the Czech Lion can be presented to the miniseries Actor directed by Peter Bebjak, Stockholm Syndrome directed by Dan Svátek and the television film Veteran by Jan Hřebejk produced by the Czech Television. The Czech Lion in the category of the best television series can go to Crime Scene: Ostrava directed by Dan Wlodarczyk, Jiří Chlumský and Jan Hřebejk, Rats directed by Viktor Tauš and Matěj Chlupáček and produced by the Czech Television or the series Specilalists created by Heike Richter-Karsty and Michaela Bütowa and produced by the television Nova.

The CFTA today also disclosed the five nominations for the non-statutory Magnesia Award for the Best Student Film, which is presented in cooperation with Mattoni 1873 and the Czech Film Fund. The student award can go to the films by starting filmmakers for the short films Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon – Adam Martinec, Frontier - Damián Vondrášek, Must Be Painful - David Semler, Pripyat Piano - Eliška Cílková and for the animated film Love is just a Death Away - Bára Anna Stejskalová. The movies Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon, Frontier and Pripyat Piano were also nominated in the new category best short film and the movie Love is just a Death Away was also nominated in the category best animated film.

The ceremonial presentation of the annual awards of the Czech Film and Television Academy, which are symbolized by the statuettes of the Czech Lion, will take place on Saturday 6th March 2021 at 20:10 pm and it will be broadcast live on CT1 from Rudolfinum in Prague. The host of the evening will be the actor Václav Kopta for the third time. The course of the evening will be again directed by the proven trio consisting of Marek Najbrt, the supervising director, Michael Čech, the director of the ceremonial evening, and Martin Chocholoušek, the stage designer.

In cooperation with DaFilms.cz, the CFTA is preparing the traditional presentation of the films nominated for the Czech Lions in the current year. It will be possible to watch a selection of the films on-line on DAFilms.cz from 1st to 14th March.





Havel (Havel) – producer Slávek Horák

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – producers Martin Růžička, Jindřich Motýl

Modelář (Droneman) – producers Petr Zelenka, Martin Sehnal

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – producers Šárka Cimbalová, Kevan Van Thompson

Žáby bez jazyka (Cook, F++k, Kill) – producers Viktor Schwarcz, Mira Fornay



Alchymická pec (Alchemic Furnace) – director Jan Daňhel, Adam Oľha – producers Pavla Kallistová, Zuzana Mistríková, Ľubica Orechovská, Jan Švankmajer, Jaromír Kallista

Kdo jinému jámu – Rudolf Slánský (Hoisted with his Own Petard – Rudolf Slánský) – director Martin Vadas – producer Alena Müllerová

Můj otec Antonín Kratochvíl (My Father Antonin Kratochvil)– director Andrea Sedláčková – producer Martin Hůlovec

Postiženi muzikou (Two Roads) – director Radovan Síbrt – producers Alžběta Karásková, Karel Poupě

V síti (Caught in the Net) – director Barbora Chalupová, Vít Klusák – producers Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda



Havel (Havel) – Slávek Horák

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Bohdan Sláma

Modelář (Droneman) – Petr Zelenka

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Agnieszka Holland

Žáby bez jazyka (Cook, F++k, Kill) – Mira Fornay



Bábovky (Sweethearts) – Jana Plodková

Havel (Havel) – Anna Geislerová

Herec (Actor) – Jenovéfa Boková

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Magdaléna Borová

V síti (Caught in the Net) – Tereza Těžká



Havel (Havel) – Viktor Dvořák

Herec (Actor) – Jan Cina

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Csongor Kassai

Modelář (Droneman) – Kryštof Hádek

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Ivan Trojan



Havel (Havel) – Barbora Seidlová

Herec (Actor) – Elizaveta Maximová

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Barbora Poláková

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Petra Špalková

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Jaroslava Pokorná



Havel (Havel) – Martin Hofmann

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Stanislav Majer

Modelář (Droneman) – Jiří Mádl

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Juraj Loj

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Josef Trojan



Havel (Havel) – Slávek Horák, Rudolf Suchánek

Herec (Actor) – Petr Bok, Pavel Gotthard

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Ivan Arsenjev

Modelář (Droneman) – Petr Zelenka

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Marek Epstein



Havel (Havel) – Jan Šťastný

Herec (Actor) – Martin Žiaran

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Diviš Marek

Modelář (Droneman) – Alexander Šurkala

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Martin Štrba



Havel (Havel) – Vladimír Barák

Herec (Actor) – Marek Kráľovský

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Jan Daňhel

Modelář (Droneman) – Vladimír Barák

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Pavel Hrdlička



Bourák (The Banger) – Jiří Klenka

FREM (FREM) – Dominik Dolejší

Havel (Havel) – Viktor Prášil, Pavel Rejholec

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Marek Poledna

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Radim Hladík jr.



Bourák (The Banger) – Roman Holý

Havel (Havel) – Petr Malásek

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Jakub Kudláč

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Antoni Komasa-Łazarkiewicz

Zrádci (Rats) – Petr Ostrouchov



Cesta do nemožna (The Impossible Voyage) – Noro Držiak, Milan Ondruch, Martin Máj, Jan Kolegar

Havel (Havel) – Vladimír Hruška

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Jan Pjena Novotný

Marie Terezie II (Maria Theresa) – Martin Kurel

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Milan Býček



Bourák (The Banger) – Tereza Kučerová

Havel (Havel) – Natálie Steklová

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Zuzana Bambušek Krejzková

Marie Terezie II (Maria Theresa) – Ján Kocman

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Katarína Štrbová Bieliková



Bourák (The Banger) – Jana Bílková

Havel (Havel) – Adriana Bartošová, René Stejskal

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – Lukáš Král

Marie Terezie II (Maria Theresa) – Barbara Kichi

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – René Stejskal, Gabriela Poláková



Herec (Actor) – main producers Rastislav Šesták, Peter Bebjak, Kateřina Ondřejková – main maker Peter Bebjak, Petr Bok

Stockholmský syndrom (Stockholm Syndrome) – main producer Kateřina Ondřejková – main maker Dan Svátek

Veterán (Veteran) – main producer Jiřina Budíková – main maker Jan Hřebejk



Crime Scene: Ostrava – main producers Jan Lekeš, Martin Froyda – main makers Dan Wlodarczyk, Jiří Chlumský, Jan Hřebejk

Specialisté (Specialists) – main producers Rastislav Šesták, Bernd Alexa – main makers Heike Richter-Karst, Michael Bütow

Zrádci (Rats) – main producers Viktor Tauš, Jan Lekeš – main makers Viktor Tauš, Matěj Chlupáček, Miro Šifra



Barevný sen (A Colourful Dream) – director, producer, designer Jan Balej

Jsme si o smrt blíž - director Bára Anna Stejskalová - producers Jakub Košťál, Vratislav Šlajer - designer Bára Anna Stejskalová

Mlsné medvědí příběhy (Hungry Bear tales) – directors Kateřina Karhánková, Alexandra Májová – producer Barbora Příkaská – designer Filip Pošivač



Anatomie českého odpoledne (Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon) – director Adam Martinec – producer Matěj Paclík

Hranice (Frontier) – director Damián Vondrášek – producer Martina Netíková

Pripyat Piano (Pripyat Piano) – director Eliška Cílková – producer Jindřich Andrš



Anatomie českého odpoledne (Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon) – director Adam Martinec

Hranice (Frontier) – director Damián Vondrášek

Jsme si o smrt blíž (Love is Just a Death Away) – director Bára Anna Stejskalová

Musí to být bolestivý (Must Be Painful) – director David Semler

Pripyat Piano (Pripyat Piano) – director Eliška Cílková


BEST FILM POSTER  - non-statutory award

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) - Jan Poukar- awarded poster

FREM (FREM) – Adéla Valha Vorbová

Havel (Havel) – Jan Poukar

Můj otec Antonín Kratochvíl (My Father Antonin Kratochvil) – Radka Beránková

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – Rudolf Havlík, Marcela Šedivá


AWARD OF FILM FANS - non-statutory award

V síti (Caught in the Net) – Barbora Chalupová, Vít Klusák (awarded directors)


OVERVIEW OF THE NUMBER OF NOMINATIONS (full-length feature films and documentary features and television projects)

Krajina ve stínu (Shadow Country) – 15 nominations

Havel (Havel) – 14 nominations

Šarlatán (Charlatan) – 14 nominations

Herec (Actor) – 7 nominations

Modelář (Droneman) – 7 nominations

Bourák (The Banger) – 4 nominations

Marie Terezie II (Maria Theresa) – 3 nominations

Bábovky (Sweethearts) – 1 nomination

V síti (Caught in the Net) – 2 nominations

Zrádci (Rats) – 2 nominations

Žáby bez jazyka (Cook, F++k, Kill) – 2 nominations

Alchymická pec (Alchemic Furnace) – 1 nomination

Cesta do nemožna (The Impossible Voyage) – 1 nomination

FREM (FREM) – 1 nomination

Kdo jinému jámu – Rudolf Slánský (Hoisted with his Own Petard – Rudolf Slánský) – 1 nomination

Crime Scene: Ostrava – 1 nomination

Můj otec Antonín Kratochvíl (My Father Antonin Kratochvil) – 1 nomination

Postiženi muzikou (Two Roads) – 1 nomination

Specialisté (Specialists) – 1 nomination

Stockholmský syndrom (Stockholm Syndrome) – 1 nomination

Veterán (Veteran)– 1 nomination

Altogether 190 academics have voted.

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